About me.

Since more than 20 years it‘s my job to make the ideas of my customers sound good.
Mostly I work with musicians, singers or composers, but also theatre- radioplay- or film-composers realize their imaginations with my help.

With big engagement I climb mountains with my mobile recorders, I spend days in recording studios, in front of displays of workstations or I standing behind mixing desks at live events.
This versatility and my broad experience enable me to do my job with competence and overview.






Name: Christian Peruzzetto

Location: Worb (Bern, Switzerland)

Years of Audio Experience: 20 +

Expert skills:
     Live Sound
     Studio Recording
     Field Recording
     Cubase, Abelton Live

Basic skills:
     Protools, FMOD, Unity



Nature Recording




Documetary Recordings




Creatures - Started with cow sounds and added noise, vocoder, effects , filters, reverb


Game Audio

Modelling of the sound of my van(Opel Vivaro 2.0 diesel) using FMOD-Studio - 1 control parameter ( acceleration)

 Sound for Movies




Work experience

since 2017 Postproduction Studio at Bollstrasse, Worb
2004 – today freelance conference audio technician for Graber Konferenztechnik
2003 – today independent professional in the world of audio (recording, FoH, monitor)
2001 – 2017 recordingstudio in Worb (Studio2)
1998 – 2004 stagemanager and monitormixer @ Wasserwerk, Bern
1996 – 2001 projectstudio in Liebefeld, Berne ( Lovefieldstudio)