Location sound - Fieldrecording

- Location sound for film, TV, and ENG
- Boomoperator
- Any kind of mobile recording in the field
- recording nature sounds with ultraquiet microphones
- Ambience recording for film and games
- Recording accoustic concerts with high grade microphones

Equipment Location Sound
• Sennheiser MKH8060, MKH50, MKH30
• Rode NTG3
• Lavaliers: DPA4060, MKE2
• Wireless: Wisycom MCR42, Sennheiser G4
• Sounddevices Mixpre10T II - Sony PCM D100 - ZOOM F8
• Indoor Boompole 3.10m, Outdoor Boompole 5.10m
• Tentacle sync e (Set)
• Sennheiser IEM for director / production / script
• small sound cart
• Hydrophone und various special microphones

Sounddesign / Post-production

- Audio-Postproduction for shortfilms, stereo or surround 5.1
- sounddesign for games, installations and radioplays
- Audio restoration with izotope RX9
- big own Soundlibrary

Sounddesign studio equiped with
• PSI A-21M, RCF AYRA five, Tannoy TS12
• AVID MC Control
• Nuendo11, izotope RX9, Protools12, Ableton Live 10, Reaper

Live Sound

- the perfect FoH Mix for ambicious bands
- FoH Mix for concerts, festivals and events of all kinds

Live sound equipment
• Allen & Heath GLD 80, AR24/16, AR 8/4
• RCF TT22A, SUB8003
• db technologies dvx12m
• Shure SM58, SM57, SM81, beta52, Sennheiser e604, e906, MD421

Music Recording - Studio work

- Studio productions: planning (choosing studio locations, time schedule, budged ) and realisation
- das mobile studio: Studio recordings in any place, with up to 48 tracks.
- editing and mixing of music projects, dialogues or any kind of audio project
- Live concert recording with up to 48 Tracks

Equipment mobile studio:
• Neumann U87,TLM49, AKG C414, D112, C391
• Shure beta 91A, beta52, SM57, SM58
• Sennheiser MKH50,MKH30, e906, MD421
• Midas M32 (32 Inputs - 16 Outs)
• 10 Channels Monitoring (Phones)
• mobile DAW with Nuendo10 , Reaper, Protools