With my longtime experience in audio I will accompany you from the concept trough to realisation of your event or audio production




Music Recording - Studio work

- Studio productions: planning ( choosing studio locations, time schedule, budged ) and realizing
- mobile music recording with up to 48 tracks.
- editing and mixing of music projects, dialogues or any kind of audio project
- Live concert recording with up to 48 Tracks


Field Recording

- Any kind of mobile recording in the field
- recording nature sounds
- Ambiance recording for film and games
- Recording accoustic concerts with high grade microphones



- Designin sound for movies, games,installations and radioplays
- in stereo or surround 5.1
- in my own Studio (daylight) in Worb, near Berne - Switzerland


P.A. Service

- P.A. service for concerts up to 400 people
- FoH Mix for concerts, festivals and events of all kind
- consulting for rental and buy of audio gear


Restauration / Transcoding

- cleaning existing recordings from noise or unwanted sounds
- digitalisation and restoration of vinyl records
- encoding audiofiles to DDP master for reproduction facility
- transcoding audio from DAT , ADAT, or MiniDisc to harddisk (-wav or -mp3 format)