Mad Heidi Filmset - October 2021

A whole 22 days of shooting are already done and there is still a whole week to go. An instructive and very exciting time for me as boom operator on set with production sound mixer Nicolas Brunner.

Report on SRF: Link

MAD HEIDI - 11.9.2021

One week to go till the shooting of the first swissplotation film starts

For all of you who want to invest in this  :this way !

Check out the Teaser.

MAD HEIDI Swissploitation Teaser from Decoy Films on Vimeo.

HALUNKE - Seaside Festival (3.9.2021)
For me, personally this was the first time working on a big P.A. since 18 months. It did so good.

Saitenstich - filmshooting  2020

Despite the restrictive measures due to the Corona pandemic, the filming for "Saitenstich" could take place.
The historic short film is directed by Raphaela Wagner and shootings take place in Heiden , in Toggenburg and the grand finale is an outdoor shooting in the historic old town of St. Gallen.
One week on the film set - I am very happy to be part of it, even if it will be exhausting for me as I am a one-man sound department.
Many thanks to Elda Guidinetti of Ventura Film for the production and every one else for helping to make this possible !

Photos by Tobias Sutter

Wisycom Wireless Kit 30.4.2020

The new main reciever in my bag is the MCR42 of Wisycom - The high-end of the wireless systems ! Versatile because of its wide-band tuner from 470 MHz up to 700 MHz. Transmitters with analog limiters  and top noch preamps.

Reciever: MCR42S

Transmitter 1: MTP40S

Transmitter 2:MTP41S

Corona-Lockdown - 11.4.2020

The Corona lockdown is hitting me hard. Many cancelled concerts, events and recording days.
In this situation where there are practically no paid jobs left, I use my infrastructure, my know-how and my time to help some no-budged projects with audio postproduction. This in turn gives me the opportunity to optimize my surround 5.1 setup and workflow with the recently bought Euphonix controller.

South of Hope Street -14.9.2019

Im on  Jane Spencers "South Of Hope Street" filmset for the wohole week.  Dominik di Rosa is the recording mixer , I'm doing the  Boom-Operator. On camera we haveFrank Glencairn as DOP.