I work as indepedent sound engineer since 1999.
My broad experience allows me to offer a wide range of services.
From film sound/location sound to music recordings, to post-production or sound reinforcement tasks, everything is in good hands with me.With great commitment I climb mountains with mobile recording devices, spend days in recording studios, at the screen of audio workstations or stand at the mixing desk at live events.
This versatility and my broad horizon of experience give me overview and competence in my daily work.
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Name Christian Peruzzetto
Year of birth 1970
Location Worb (Bern, Schweiz)

Years in
Audio industry

20 +
Languages Ger / Ita / Fr / Eng / Sp
Main skills Location sound for film and TV
Live Sound - Concerts / Events
Music recording and production
Field recording
Sounddesign / Audio Postproduktion
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions