Teeth-N-Tongue Jam  11.11.2017

The band is recording 4 new songs for their new Album ! Reggae - DUB - Ska and even Drum and Bass !

GMF - Albumrelease (21.1.2017)

Recorded in Studio2, Worb ! The new album of "Grand Mother's Funck" is published the 20.1.2017 .

-> Read German review - Bund vom 21.1.2017

GMF sind aktuell auf Tour ! Demnächst auch in deiner Nähe. Ein Blick auf ihre Tour-Daten lohnt sich...

Dubokaj - Alpine  DubReDUB - Out Now !!! 12.1.2017
 and you'll find him on BROOKLYNRADIO too!



Dubokaj - Dokfilm     22.12.2016

Have a look into Dubokaj's (aka Dejot ) studio- "Bubble" .




Resident Mambo (26.6.2016)

Resident Mambo are in Studio2 to record their new arrangemt of Maria Cervantes.
The arrangement is build to suit the dance choreogrphy of Moe&Alain.
The whole thing will be performed at the  "Steps to Get It Festival 2016" in Bern .

GMF - Grand Mother's Funck ! (1.6.2016)

Yes ! GMF is working on a new album. Like in the good old funky days.




Loure - neue EP   1.5.2016


Kathrin Obrist, Bärni v.Wattenwyl and Bänz Bessire are LOURE, and they did it. 5 songs are on their new EP .