Corona-Lockdown - 11.4.2020

The Corona lockdown is hitting me hard. Many cancelled concerts, events and recording days.
In this situation where there are practically no paid jobs left, I use my infrastructure, my know-how and my time to help some no-budged projects with audio postproduction. This in turn gives me the opportunity to optimize my surround 5.1 setup and workflow with the recently bought Euphonix controller.

South of Hope Street -14.9.2019

Im on  Jane Spencers "South Of Hope Street" filmset for the wohole week.  Dominik di Rosa is the recording mixer , I'm doing the  Boom-Operator. On camera we haveFrank Glencairn as DOP.

ENERGY Shortfilm - 10. - 16- June 2019
At the filmset of "Energy" - a shortfilm by Nicole Beutler - my Stingray-Soundbag is well utilized: 3 Lavs  (Sennheiser G4 ew300) , 1 camera feed (ew100) und IFB für director.
As boom-mikrofon for interiors I use a Sennheiser MKH 50 .

Recording Session with Vater Morgana (24.2.2019)

Together with this funky band we recorded 8 songs in only two days. Lot of work but we had a good time in Schwarzenburg.
Now im editing (not too mutch!) and mixing. Hopefully soon you'll be able to get the new CD from their website.

Ankebock - Spoken word in "Berndeutsch" 21.11.2018

New book and CD.  Written and read by  Roland Binz. Music by Thomas Aeschbacher.
All audio recorded and produced by Christian Peruzzetto - Studio2.

Order here:

Bi-lingual Radioplay  18.5.2018


Working with students from La Ferriere  and from  Lyss  on a bi-lingual radioplay. The project is leaded by Brigitta Weber , and organised by the radio school "Klipp+Klang" organisiert.

DUB Mix for Teeth-N-Tongue Jam  5.1.2018

Double Story is being mixed in Studio2 ...