DUBOKAJ   17.10.2015

Analog Mixing with Dubokaj. - With a lots of Roland Space Echos, SpringReverbs and other weird Soundboxes we are cooking the ElectroDubs out of Dubokajs Laptop on the analogen mixingdesk.
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Chrigu Fluri with his "Take This" - Band brings together his musicians and the stars of swiss music industry for some recordings in studio2.





Matuba - Determination  (26.2.2014)

SKA - Reggae - Funk - Jazz Latin

Dänu "Y" Meyer - Sax
Res Thönen - Trumpet / Flügelhorn
Nilo Bortot - Gitarre
Fredi Küffer - Bass / Tuba
Frik Rechsteiner - Drum



Die drü Soili - Eiger Mönch und Jungfrau  5.12.2014

The final rehearsal of the thetre piece was recordet with mobile equipment.
Four of the songs, composed by Resli Burri can be herd here .





The crazy bear is out !  - OSO LOCO on Tour   (23.1.2015)

Attention - will make you shake and dance !

Live recording in Progr, Berne  "The Faranas"  (22.11.2014)
TheThe Release-Party  in Bern the 19.10.2014 was a big success. You can check the videos on Youtube .
The sound track was recordet with 26 tracks and mixed at Studio 2 by Christian Peruzzetto .


Brandnew CHICA TORPEDO Single (8.2.2014)
Further Informations on the Chica Torpedo Homepage.