Ankebock - Spoken word in "Berndeutsch" 21.11.2018

New book and CD.  Written and read by  Roland Binz. Music by Thomas Aeschbacher.
All audio recorded and produced by Christian Peruzzetto - Studio2.

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Bi-lingual Radioplay  18.5.2018


Working with students from La Ferriere  and from  Lyss  on a bi-lingual radioplay. The project is leaded by Brigitta Weber , and organised by the radio school "Klipp+Klang" organisiert.

DUB Mix for Teeth-N-Tongue Jam  5.1.2018

Double Story is being mixed in Studio2 ...



 The recording studio closes ! (12.12.2017)

Because of dismissal I have to close the studio at this location by December 2017. During the past 17 years of work I encountert fantastic musicians in this place. Thank you for the great moments spent together.
Here for the melancholics among you.


Last round ! (1.12.2017)

Teeth and Tongue
Jam, Dilligäf and Ghostnotes are the last productions running in the studio.
From 15. November to end of Year I'll move to the new location at
Bollstrasse 43, Worb
And from January 2018 you're welcome at the new location.


Teeth-N-Tongue Jam  11.11.2017

The band is recording 4 new songs for their new Album ! Reggae - DUB - Ska and even Drum and Bass !

GMF - Albumrelease (21.1.2017)

Recorded in Studio2, Worb ! The new album of "Grand Mother's Funck" is published the 20.1.2017 .

-> Read German review - Bund vom 21.1.2017

GMF sind aktuell auf Tour ! Demnächst auch in deiner Nähe. Ein Blick auf ihre Tour-Daten lohnt sich...