Location sound - Fieldrecording

- Location sound for film, TV, and ENG
- Boomoperator
- Fieldrecording
- Ambience recording for film and games
- Recording accoustic concerts with high grade microphones

Equipmentlist for Location Sound
• Sound Devices 833
• Wireless: Wisycom MCR54 - 4 channels
• Microphones: various Sennheiser, Schoeps, dpa
• wireless camera link with sennheiser EW300
• Timecode: 3 x Tentacle syncE
• Sennheiser wireless for Director/ Producer
• small soundcart

Sounddesign / Post-production

- Audio-Postproduction with Nuendo in surround 5.1 or stereo
- sounddesign and dialogue editing
- Audio restoration with izotope RX advanced
- extensive own soundlibrary

Sounddesign studio equipped with
5.1 surround monitoring with PSI Audio
• Nuendo, izotope RX advanced, Abelton, Reaper
• AVID MC Control
• good italian Espresso

Voice over

I have a separate voice-over booth with daylight and a broad choice of "industry standard" microphones.

• U87, MKH 50, MKH 8060
• DPA4060, DPA6060
• ADR Recordings vith Nuendo ADR Assistant
• Separate Voice Booth
• Video preview screen

Live Sound

- the perfect FoH Mix for ambicious bands
- FoH Mix for concerts, festivals and events of all kinds

Live sound equipment
• Allen & Heath GLD 80, AR24/16, AR 8/4
• RCF TT22A, SUB8003
• db technologies dvx12m
• Shure SM58, SM57, SM81, beta52, Sennheiser e604, e906, MD421